Lower Saxony Minister President Stephan Weil visits DREWSEN

On March 03, 2022, the Minister President of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, visited DREWSEN Spezialpapiere in Lachendorf.

During his visit, Mr. Weil was able to see how the company is responding to current challenges such as digitalization and the climate crisis and how in the last decades DREWSEN has been adapting their portfolio of specialties to be fit for the future. The path now clearly leads in the direction of innovative ideas for sustainable solutions. Dr. Imke Cravillon (Head of Product Development) presented the latest successful developments to the Minister President of Lower Saxony: papers that replace plastic. For example the project to develop the best fibre-based paper solution for drinking straws in the market.

Visited DREWSEN Minister President Stephan Weil

To accelerate the speed of development, DREWSEN invested in a Competence Centre for the manufacture of the actual paper drinking straws, where the drinking straws can be produced in a market-typical large-scale production environment to put the paper through its paces. DREWSEN's latest development of a paper for straws which keeps the straws stable in liquids for a longer period of time attracted particular interest.

Visited DREWSEN Minister President Stephan Weil

However, the core topic of Minister President Weil's visit was DREWSEN's goal to become CO2 carbon neutral by 2045. The company wants to have achieved 80% of this target by the end of this decade already. DREWSEN has been continuously improving the paper production by using ever more efficient processes. In the past five years, it has already successfully reduced specific CO2 emissions by 9%, explained Dr. Ludger Benien, Head of Technology.

However, measures to increase energy efficiency are not enough to achieve our climate target. The entire energy supply is to be converted to a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. This year alone, for example, €1million will be invested in the construction of an initial 1.4 megawatt peak photovoltaic system. Next year, an additional 16 megawatt peak photovoltaic plant will come online.

DREWSEN’s concept for future regenerative energy supplies also includes the production of hydrogen to store energy. In addition to solar energy, wind energy is also to be used in the near future. Here, Dr. Rauhut reported to the minister president on the challenges this currently poses. Final discussions between the politician and representatives of the company focused on this topic. There were detailed reports on some of the current hurdles still to be overcome, but also details of the constructive discussions with the Municipal Administration.

Visited DREWSEN Minister President Stephan Weil

Mr. Weil recognized DREWSEN's determination to be a progressive and sustainable business and offered his support. For DREWSEN to enter in to a sustainable and independent energy supply is of special importance and highlighted currently by the situation around the war in the Ukraine.

With regard to the war in Ukraine, as a sign of solidarity DREWSEN offered support in taking in refugees in close cooperation with the Community of Lachendorf. Rauhut expressed concern: "DREWSEN's shareholders and employees are dismayed by the situation in Ukraine and we will support within the scope of our possibilities."

We are very pleased for MdL Maximilian Schmidt’s Facebook post ‚The mill in Lachendorf is ‘German mittelstand at its best‘ – and a top employer in the region.‘, full post https://www.facebook.com/maxschmidt

Photos: Fotografie - Martin Menzel


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Lower Saxony Minister President Stephan Weil visits DREWSEN

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